Collection and Archive

The research archive collects materials on Gerhart and Carl Hauptmann, Silesia, the poetry circle of Friedrichshagen, and the literary environment surrounding the Hauptmann brothers. The archive edits these materials and provides them to the public. Its tasks include: supporting research and teachings at universities and colleges, providing services for theatres and information to press, publishers, libraries, schools and cultural institutions, as well as guidance and literature for professional and other interested readers.

The fund divides itself in the following groups:

- The library, which holds around. 7000 books: Gerhart Hauptmann's works, including rare editions almost in their entirety, many first editions, secondary literature about the poet's life and work, books about and by Carl Hauptmann and his work, books on the history of literature and theatre, and about the performing arts.

- The collection of books and pictures on the intellectual surroundings of Gerhart Hauptmann's life and work include a Silesian collection and , „Marginalien" and „Theater der Zeit" (all from the former DDR) between 1981-1990.

-  The art collection around 1000 impressions of Gerhart Hauptmann and his artwork such as paintings, graphics and sculpture.

Collection and Archive 

at the Gerhart-Hauptmann-Museum 

"Die versunkene Glocke"